ULiège fights all forms of violence within its community 


An online training course on how to react when witnessing harassment is offered to all students and staff in February. A support system is also in place throughout the year.

Learning to react as a witness to harassment

As part of the Sem'AIMEprogram, the Quality of Life and Student Affairs department is offering a training course on how to deal with harassment and aggression in the public space.

Witness to or victim of harassment in the public space, this online training course, open to students and staff, will provide the keys to intervening and dealing with the situation.

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Help system

The Université de Liège has trained a number of trustworthy people who can confidentially receive testimonies or calls for help in the event of harassment, violence or disrespect.

Possible approaches 

App-Elles®: an app to prevent gender-based and sexual violence

The City of Liège has launched an app for victims and witnesses of gender-based and sexual violence. Already in use in some 30 countries, App-Elles makes it easy to alert family and friends and/or the police to a situation of distress, danger or emergency.

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Survey on gender-based violence

In February 2022, the University of Liège took part, along with 45 other European institutions, in theUniSAFE survey to gather data on the prevalence of gender-based violence in the academic and research world.

A total of 2152 voluntary responses were recorded for ULiège, representing 6.39% of the institution's total population. Among the respondents, 76% felt they had been the victim of at least one form of violence since they began working or studying at ULiège.

Similar to the overall results, psychological violence was the most frequently reported (67%), followed by sexual harassment (42%). Next came economic violence (10.5%), online violence (9%), physical violence (8.5%), and sexual violence (6%).

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Gender and Equality Council

In October 2022, a Conseil Genre et Égalité was created at ULiège. It is responsible for proposing an institutional strategy, and launching and implementing projects in the field of gender and equality policies. The issue of harassment is one of the priorities of the Gender and Equality Council. Particular attention is paid to integrating the issues of students and LGBTQIA+ people.

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#RESPECT campaign against harassment

ODD 5 : Égalité entre les sexes
Réaliser l’égalité des sexes et autonomiser toutes les femmes et les filles Le cinquième objectif est spécifiquement dédié à l’autonomisation des filles et des femmes. Il concerne l’égalité entre les sexes et vise à mettre fin à toutes les formes de discriminations et de violences contre les femmes et les filles dans le monde entier. Les cibles définies concernent : la lutte contre les discriminations et contre les violences faites aux femmes, l’accès des femmes à des fonctions de direction et de décision et l’accès universel aux droits sexuels et reproductifs.

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