Financial problems linked to excessive gambling


If you understand how gambling works, and in particular the redistribution rate, you realize that losing money is inevitable.

In Belgium, the legislation tends to protect the player to a certain extent and prevent excessive one-off losses. But the figures speak for themselves: in 2005, a Belgian gambler lost an average of 12.50 euros per hour gambling in a café, 25 euros per hour in an amusement arcade and 70 euros per hour in a casino.

What about illegal gambling? Of course, they are not controlled...

Internet games of chance are hardly controlled.

As for televised games that encourage people to phone or text, they have been regulated since October 2006. However, the Gaming Commission receives complaints every day about large sums of money being spent on such games.

When gamblers finally seek'help to stop gambling, in the phase of despair, they are usually heavily in debt. In Switzerland in 2006, for example, the average debt of those seeking help was around 40,000 euros.


updated on 4/28/24

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