The Internet as a source of information

With the Internet, you can find virtually any information you need by surfing or chatting with specialists or enthusiasts on the subject. The Internet isn't just a database of scientific information - far from it! You can find the best as well as the worst. So you need to be able to sort through the information, check its accuracy and relevance, and synthesize it - which can be very difficult, given the sheer volume of information available to everyone!
What's more, contrary to popular belief, copying something from the Internet is not authorized : any text, image or graphic, wherever it may be, is automatically protected by copyright, even if there is no warning.
Using part of someone else's work for a report or dissertation you have to hand in is plagiarism and the academic penalty is often severe...
Yet it's fabulous to discover loads of information from all over the world. It's all the more exhilarating because, from link to link, you can constantly push back the frontiers... But we often end up getting carried away and no longer see the time passing. Even if our initial objectives were clear, we sometimes lose sight of them and become distracted by the many demands made on us. And it's often hard to resist the urge to visit pages that have nothing to do with our initial research.


updated on 4/28/24

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