Financial Support for a Stay Abroad

Every student who goes on a mobility programme, for study visit or intership, is eligible for a grant.

Mobility grants are partial support to compensate for the additional costs of studying abroad, i.e. travel, accommodation, language preparation if necessary, higher living costs in the host country, etc. Grants are not intended to cover the full cost of studying abroad.

The amounts vary according to the destination and/or the type of stay.

iconeInfoGrants are awarded automatically at the time of registration on myULiège. If the student does not wish to benefit from this grant, they must inform the International Relations Department by email.

The grant is paid* in two instalments: 70% on arrival (after sending the contract and proof of arrival) and 30% on return (after sending the reports and proof of stay).

Scholarships are calculated on the basis of the academic calendar (first day of compulsory attendance and date of the last exam of the first session). Any second sessions are not covered by a scholarship.

Grants are paid into European bank accounts only.

* The scholarships are available to students who have been selected for a study visit or an internship within the announced deadlines, subject to the availability of European funds. In case the budget received does not allow the financing of all the stays, a selection procedure will be set up by the file manager, the modalities will be detailed by email if necessary.

** As soon as your mobility file is in order, your file manager will provide you with your mobility contract. This must be returned signed and accompanied by the certificate of arrival completed and signed by your host university. Upon receipt of these two documents, the International Relations Department will proceed with a first payment corresponding to 70% of the grant estimated in your contract. We base this payment on the estimated duration of your stay.

*** The balance is paid upon receipt of your mobility reports and your end-of-stay certificate.) This does not necessarily correspond to the 30% of your estimated scholarship. As the duration of your stay has generally been estimated, we base our decision on the actual dates that appear on your certificate of completion of stay to close your scholarship. In no case will this balance exceed the 30% of your estimated scholarship amount. However, if your stay was shorter than the estimated duration, the balance may vary and be less than expected.


iconeInfo Contact(s) :

Anne-Françoise Rogister - Séjours d'études Erasmus
Julie Hollenfeltz - Séjours d'études Belgica - Hors UE
Dominique Frère - Séjours d'études Erasmus, stages à l'étranger

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