ULiège Charter for the use of generative artificial intelligence in academic work

How to make the most of technological upheaval to learn and prove it!

Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has rapidly opened up access to generative artificial intelligence (AI), i.e. a new generation of computing tools capable of apeing certain aspects of human intelligence (expression, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, output creation...). All sectors of society are questioning the potential and the grey areas. The university is no exception. The present charter, by setting out a precise framework for the use of AI in the academic context (courses, assignments, exams, reports and other learning), shows you the boundary between what is permitted or desirable and what is not. Reflecting the current state of technology and usage (December 23), it will be enriched by information provided by teachers, departments, faculties... So keep an eye on these developments, which have a direct impact on your work as a student.

ULiège supports and develops thoughtful, responsible, critical and transparent use of AI among its students, to make the most of this powerful auxiliary.

Thoughtful, responsible use of AI Critical use of AI Transparent use of AI Using AI to outdo itself
updated on 12/22/23

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