Students: What resources to correctly reference scientific sources ?

Do not hesitate to use the various resources which are available !

Faculty resources to gain a better of understanding of the modalities and demands specific to your discipline

They can take various forms: the advice and directives of your supervisor, methodology courses/seminars or specific documents, resources within libraries, etc. Consult the ‘tool box’ offered to you by your Faculty:

General resources at the ULiège

Resources elsewhere

Consult the bibliography for information related to plagiarism.

Your supervisor or the teacher supporting your work remains your privileged contact point to check if your work matches up with his or her expectations. It can nevertheless occur that the two of you do not agree about the manner you have carried out or written up the work. In case of a dispute you can contact Christelle Kiehm. She will listen to what you have to say and will go over with you the different ways of taking action.