To regain or reinforce one's motivation

Being alone in front of your computer, away from campus, lecture halls, other students and teaching staff is not always easy to manage. In addition, there may be a professional objective that is still far away, courses that are sometimes very general or whose usefulness is not immediately apparent, subjects that are a little less appealing or that seem too complicated. It is therefore not easy to stay motivated, to stick to your project and to continue to invest fully in your courses.

The psychologists of the ULiège's support services offer to students who wish to do so:

  •   Motivational reinforcement group workshops

Objective: To better understand the psychological processes involved in the loss of motivation, to share, among students, tips, tricks and advice to stay motivated.

Information and registration

  • Individual motivational support interviews
    Objective: to help determine one's own sources of motivation in the short and long term, to identify the elements that prevent us from getting involved, to learn how to take them into account and to envisage the realization of positive solutions.

Where? How?

Distance interviews, reserved for students only, free of charge, by appointment / registration.

Appointment booking

By phone at 04 366 23 89 ou by e-mail

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